A (halo) of sonnets for Sylvia Plath @ Medium

If you haven’t downloaded my free chapbook of golden shovel poems inspired by Sylvia Plath yet, you can now read my modern take on a crown of sonnets on Medium.

If you like it, then perhaps you could come back here and download the chapbook from the Books tab. Or you could just download the chapbook and not go to Medium 🙃

6 thoughts on “A (halo) of sonnets for Sylvia Plath @ Medium

  1. I just finished reading Digging for Sylvia and I can still see the light and the sea glimmering in my mind. With these poems you create a special space of illumination, which is very beautiful. I loved the visual quality of the writing; making these wonderful images out of your words. And the way your words carry so much meaning too, the way some of the lines come and strike at me with so much reality till I feel the pain. I also liked the poems that create a logic all their own, whose end result is like a mysterious work of art. Reading this collection was deeply satisfying, and it enlivened my evening!

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