with Lize Spit & Thomas Gunzig An octopus has three hearts:one for birth, one for life, one for death.The soft oval body envelopseverything it needs. One human heart attempts to thinkof yesterday, today, and tomorrow,but the head doesn't listen.Through the ossicles we learn thatmany things in nature occur in threes:you, me and your ego in … Continue reading Insurmountable

Poem @ Jalmurra

A poem of mine called Today or tomorrow has found a home on the website of Jalmurra, the online journal that is dedicated to spreading awareness for the environment through art. Please go read it there, and linger a while to enjoy the other beautiful offerings.

Atelier of Healing: poetry about trauma and recovery

Atelier of Healing is a poetic journey through the process of healing from trauma. The anthology was carefully put together by poet/writers Eric F. Tinsay Valles, who is also the director of the Poetry Festival in Singapore, and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, founder of Squircle Line Press. Because of the current pandemic, they made the decision … Continue reading Atelier of Healing: poetry about trauma and recovery